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nelson stud welding co.,ltd


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           Nelson plant welding (tianjin) Co., LTD


Tianjin DongLi economic development zone is no. 39, emperor of industrial park road   Zip code: 300300   Phone: + 86.22.24990335

 The company's history

December 8, 2004 was registered and set up

-by the end of 2004 and the emperor of industrial park to lease agreement

-TSF Purchase Agreement Completed March 22, 2005

-April 2005 factory water, electricity, gas and infrastructure to complete

-April 2005 equipment installation is ready, start production in 2005

Company profile

By the Nielsen company, a wholly owned holding.

-the company is located in Beijing 150 kilometers southeast of the direction of tianjin

Near the main--tianjin port and airport

-the 55000-square-foot factory, with spare space

--1600 kva independent power supply


Personnel situation

Company has a staff of 60 people, including sales staff of 12 people, management and technical staff of 20 people, workshop 28 operator. Heat treatment engineer 2 people, quality engineer 3 people, heat treatment, the operator six people.


ISO 9001-through authentication

-China nuclear engineering management system quality authentication

-Singapore BS/BC-1-2008 certification

-carter quality system authentication

 company characteristics

Diversification of customers-(building, general industrial, transportation......)

-the die design and manufacture

-domestic and international logistics and distribution capacity

-comprehensive laboratory

World-class cold heading processing ability

-the six sets of cold heading processing unit

-the largest machining length is 250 mm (10 inches)

5 mm in diameter-processing (3/16 ") to 25 mm (1 inch)

-round plate material operating equipment

-online drawing equipment

-dish round butt weld equipment

Thread processing capacity

-ability range M5 to M32

vibration type except liquid clean system

semi-automatic weighing, packaging system

professional customizable hot work ability
--160 to 300 tons of the press

--160 tons of CAM shaft press

The maximum length-600 mm (24 inches)

The biggest diameter-37 millimetres (1.5 inches)

Online induction heating device

two processing ability

-CNC lathe

-CNC milling machine

-punch reaches 160 tons

-nap and drilling equipment

 Their ability to heat treatment

-the continuous nets charged heat treatment furnace

--700 kg/hour heat treatment capacity

-heat treatment furnace can complete quenching, carburizing, tempering

-to be able to use oil or water quenching (currently use oil quenching)

-meet CQI-9 specification

-use the computer control, has a complete monitoring system

-thermocouple calibration system

-with three gas analyzer

-is there a gas generation furnace, may to the atmosphere is controlled

-automatic carbon potential control system

-quenching and tempering heating, cooling system with automatic


   Customer standards

-absorption type gas into the furnace dew point control stability, instructions, accurate, and CO2 controller link use, it can automatic control

-by the United States imported SY-802-B single point carbon concentration of O2 automatic control system, the control accuracy plus or minus 0.03% (carbon concentration)

-wash tank with heater and oil-water separator

-quench furnace body using automated control works operation, the control zone mixing fan, furnace temperature uniformity ± 5 ℃

-quenching oil (water) slot in U.S. import SBS cooling system, can quickly control and adjust the oil temperature (water), oil (water) slot with spray cooling system can be arbitrary regulation spray speed, oil (water) slot screen and ChouHuan type with equipment

--back to the stove heating element and arrangement type design, furnace were ? stirred                                                                                             

Veith DingHaoSi, Locke Martin, Boeing, general electric, Rolls-Royce, the card's Denver, general power, includes case, DE richie, caterpillar, John Deere, Detroit diesel engine, cummins, NASA's American airlines, areva, BMW, ford motor, the public


-brinell hardness tester

-rockwell hardness plan

-vickers hardness tester

-microscopic hardness tester

-metallographic microscope

--100 tons of hydraulic servo universal test machine


The main heat treatment customers

Tianjin LongCheng auto parts Co., LTD (carburizing processing)

Tianjin the easy fasteners Co., LTD. (conditioning treatment)

Korean metal industry (tianjin) Co., LTD (QT processing, shot blasting)























































The company qualification

Company Information

  • Company Name: nelson stud welding co.,ltd
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • My Core Product Categories: Weld bolts; Welded thread rods; other machine; 
  • Core Products Description: Weld bolts; Welded thread rods; other machine;  etc.
  • Standard list:
  • Year Established: 2005
  • Annual Sales Volume: USD 10,000,001~50,000,000
  • Current Export Markets: Western Europe; Southeast Asia; Worldwide; 
  • Export Percentage:40

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